Having a professional account team is more important than you think. Why is this so important? 82% of all businesses fail due to poor or negative cash flow management. Do you have a good handle on your cash flow? Are you prepared for anything that may come tomorrow? We can help. We lower your administrative and bookkeeping costs by 30 to 50%, and we have monthly plans for businesses of all sizes.

“It is the lifeblood of your business,” says the author of Small Business Cash Flow: Strategies for Making Your Business a Financial Success. “You’ve got to have money coming in before you can put money out. That’s really what cash flow is all about: The in and out of money in your business.”

The goal for any business is to have more accounts receivable (i.e. revenue) than accounts payable (i.e. bills.), but it’s not always that easy. A pitfall for many businesses is defaulting on their accounts payable and not having enough cash on hand to continue business as usual. Whether you are a startup or micro-business with a low budget looking to grow or have a multi-staff accounting department, we have a customized plan for you. And best of all, your accounting department will include your tax planning and compliance department. Technology now allows efficient outsourcing of 100% of your accounting and tax departments. With all the uncertainty in today’s economic environment, it is time to rethink how we run our businesses, click the contact button below, and we’ll set up a plan that is perfect for you and your bottom line.

It’s not just about cash flow, being prepared for taxes is also important. Federal and state income taxes are one of the largest expenditures your business will incur. Income tax codes are incredibly complex and apply differently to every business. We can help you with the day-to-day planning, complex transactional planning, and special tax and accounting elections which will allow you to maintain and apply the maximum amount of capital to grow your business. A relatively small investment in proactive tax planning can pay exponential dividends. We strive to provide our clients with direct and continual access to high-level associates in order to ensure they do not miss out on tax-saving opportunities.

Tax planning can be used to reduce taxable income, which is a big win for you. The Internal Revenue Code includes tax advantages such as accelerated depreciation, deductible employee benefits, health insurance plans that are funded pretax, converting non-deductible expenses into deductible expenses, investing in non-taxable assets, and offsetting taxable gains with unused tax losses that may be frozen in current investments. The benefit of this tool is that it reduces your current year’s taxable income without having to later recover the income.

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